My name is Reggie. I'm a hedgehog that got adopted by a woman named Mary. When we got to her house she set me down on the wooden floors to explore. While exploring I saw a male black kitten about a year old with white paws wearing a green collar running to me. "Hi! You must be the new pet. The name is Nightshade what's yours?" He greeted smiling. Back then I had an attitude and didn't like him at first. "Reggie." I spoke. "Cool name." He comment. "I hope we'll be great friends!" "Friends?" I asked. "Yes. Mary is always away at work and she doesn't want me to be lonely so she got you." He explained. "Let's go outside!" We got out the back where a forest is. "Now Mary told us to not go in the woods. So let's play here." We played for hours as I grew to like him. Years passed, Nightshade is 6 years old and I stayed the same. We share cat food, sleep together, we did everything. But that changed in one day. I went in the forest until a fox growled at me and about to attack me. Everything was going fast as I hear the meow from my friend. He was protecting me but was on the dirt ground not moving pouring red from his stomach. Mary now in her 40's scared the fox away and picked us up to her car. We arrived at the vet and I waited in the car for them both. Mary got in the car without Nightshade crying with her head on the wheel. She looked at me and set Nightshade's collar right next to me ("Is he going to be fine?") I wish I could say that. I was wrong about that. She told me that he'll be in a better place no longer suffering. I didn't want to believe this but I saw her bury him in the backyard the next day. "We'll be friends forever." A flashback in my head.

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