Remember the day I told you my secret? I can remember clearly. You told me it was okay, and that I shouldn't do it anymore. I was bawling my eyes out hysterically. I nodded and you said to me that day. " Promise you'll always be my friend, please don't leave me." The message sent though on the messages system we used. I smiled and replied back " Thank You."

My life was getting worse. Please help me I pleaded and yelped. Holding my phone in silence I typed out my thoughts, as if I were painting a monochrome painting. Tears overflowing in my eyes but your soothing texts calmed me. You said to video call. And so I did. I got to see your beautiful face again. 

We always video called. Remember? I sure do. It was always always a magical experience. Sure the connection was terrible. But our connection was spot on. Laughter spread through our homes. Remember the times we laughed so hard? I do. I sure do.

Remember that day your beautiful heart opened to hold me through that day? The people questioned me and you and your surroundings were all supporting me. However.. Remember how I was an utter idiot. I ruined it. I dropped our souls. We're losing connection! They found out. I'm sorry It's my fault.

"Your not allowed to talk to her anymore, she almost ruined our family!"

We spread apart

Not because of you

You claim not because of me

But because of them

Now my soul lingers in eternal pain

But your beauty and my beast side sometimes cling. But it was never the same

My best friend.

I'm sorry I deserted you



I want to end it, I would be better if the world were to never heard my rambling through broken letters and run on sentences. 

So this is goodbye 

My dear friend.

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