I'm just an average everyday alicorn. My sister and i take the place of Cadence and twilight so the real Cadence and twilight can take the place of Celestia and Luna.I Know my sister, and she is suicidle. I Have seen her cut her self and i even saw her break her own horn in half.She was born with a broken ear for an unknown reason. She started a real school in 2014 and everyone hoped she would feel better with her ear. Now it's 2015 and no one even cares. Soon, this happened (Bold:me regular:my sister's friend italics: my sister)


.*shows me the video*

here goes nothing... *knocks over chair and chokes**dies*

She is still outside!

WHAT????? *rushes outside* no...please..

Those people are gonna REGRET THIS!!!!!! *levitates a knife*

.*takes knife* no...

Your right....

Wait, a note....

Note: I'm sorry sister,i cant live. This is it, goodbye.

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